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Digital Video and Animation

Student-Led Illustration+Animation

Open-Ended Question: How can a designer communicate a story of their choice to the beneficiary?

Framework: In this problem, students take the lead. They pick their topics, timelines, goals, and expectations within my grading rubric. I take a support role, coaching them towards more professional work with personalized conceptual and technical mentoring.



In Digital Video and Animation

By Matthew

Systems & Behaviors

On 17, Nov 2022 | In Digital Video and Animation, Motion | By Matthew

Open-Ended Question: How can a designer communicate a musician’s originally intended meaning via the interaction of non-objective, system-based graphics that are precisely set in motion to individual sounds within a non-lyrical, animated music video?

Research: This problem includes a brief history of graphic scores from 1950s avant-garde music composers and starts with a quick exercise to get students to make systems and behaviors quickly.

Ask me if you’d like to see my problem descriptions.

Mimicry (Illusions of Life)

On 04, Oct 2022 | In Design History, Digital Video and Animation, Motion | By Matthew

Open-Ended Question: How can designers communicate their studious observation, illustration, and mimicry skills with an animation that blends physical and digital forms of making?

Research: The first step to successfully designing motion is to become a studious observer of motion (Stone & Wahlin, 2018, p290). Motion designers watch all aspects of their life, from technology to nature and everything in between. Students studied the 12 Principles of Animation (Illusions of Life).