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UX/UI Interaction Design Principles

On 11, Dec 2021 | In Digital Art Survey & Practice, Gaming, Interaction, Motion | By Matthew

Open-Ended Question: How can interactive design (UX/UI) components communicate and practice design principles?

Non-Majors: All of these solutions are from non-design, non-art, students from majors like chemistry, geoscience, biomedical, biology, and engineering.

Beneficiary: The beneficiaries are learners new to UX/UI design principles in interaction design.

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In Gaming
Website Design

By Matthew

Risking the Physical and Digital Experience

On 16, Oct 2021 | In Gaming, Interaction, Motion, Website Design | By Matthew

Open-Ended Question: How can the digital experience of playing Risk feel more physical? Within the assigned context, how can the UX/UI be improved when playing Risk digitally?

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Lego Hidden Side (Spring21)

On 08, May 2021 | In AR, Branding, Gaming, Interaction, Motion, Visual Comm. Design IV | By Matthew

Open-Ended Question: How can our next Lego AR theme be more physically interactive (hands on bricks) than LHS? How can our next Lego AR theme improve the UX/UI problems observed in LHS? How can we tell the story of our next Lego AR theme to Lego stakeholders?

See the seven best student solutions below.



In Gaming
Web and App Design

By Matthew


On 12, Dec 2020 | In Gaming, Interaction, Web and App Design | By Matthew

Rullo is a math-based game where the user removes numbers from the grid so that the remaining numbers in each row or column add up to the numbers at the beginning and end of the given row or column.

Students explored UX/UI principles in this project.

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Crowdsourcing DataViz App (Fall17)

On 15, Oct 2017 | In Branding, Gaming, Interaction, Motion, Online/Mobile I.D. Systems | By Matthew

In the course “Online and Mobile Interaction Design Systems,” Dr. Armstrong trusted me to assist in critiques, lectures, and tutorials (motion and interactive prototyping).

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