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On 29, Oct 2012 | In | By Matthew Lemmond


CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How can a brandmark itself promote the product its business sells? Can font and color accentuate the benefits a product offers?

THE CLIENT: Klaws is an Indiana-based nail supply company, which seeks to supply nail salons with its products. I was referred to them through connections I had made with the Indiana Small Business Development Center.

THE ASSIGNMENT: Create a brandmark and logotype that serves as a brand signature while providing options for multiple ways to display them.

DESIGN OBSTACLES: A relatively new company needed to distinguish itself in its market while maintaining the chic and classy-look that dominates the industry.

CREATIVE RESULT: Like any other branding project, I searched through thousands of typefaces until I came across the perfect one. I illustrated brandmark to look like it was painted with a nailbrush. It seems like a fresh coat of paint. And what color is more iconic for nail polish that red? I provided a variety of uses: just the brandmark, the brandmark and name, and then the brandmark and full name. I like to give clients multiple ways in which they can use their brandmark. Whatever space they might need to fit into, it gives them an option.