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Little Bees

Awarded + Naming + Branding + 3D + Figma

I named the company and created its hand-lettered logo, which was featured in Logo Lounge's latest edition, book 14. I also designed almost everything you see their brand on, from animations to bottles. I even built an educational presentation in Figma, which is so much cooler than PowerPoint or Google Slides.

With 30,000 submissions vying for a spot, the competition was stiff, but we are thankful to the kind folks at Logo Lounge and their jury of world-famous designers for awarding our logo a spot in their latest edition, book 14.

The tight tracking (space between letters) of the Little Bees logo drew inspiration from the tight, organic lines bees naturally make with wax.

This is an education video I filmed, animated, and edited.

I can also do 3D work in Blender.

This is a presentation created with Figma to educate potential investors. Click full screen to learn all about bees.

A logo bumper animation.

This is a swag video I filmed and edited. Check out our glow-in-the-dark sticker at the end!

With a clear label, the honey can shine through!

I did not design the jerseys, but it is pretty cool to see our brand supporting such a cute little crew of soccer girls.

Our bottles are on the shelves at The Farm Hippie in Collinsville, OK.

This was the first time we got to see the logo on something.