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OSU Football PosterOSU Football PosterOSU Football PosterOSU Football Poster

On 29, Oct 2010 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

OSU Football Poster

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How does a young designer advance his innovative ideas and gain the respect of his veteran co-workers and the support of the director?

THE CLIENT: Oklahoma State University Athletics is the home of 51 national team championships – the most in the Big 12 Conference and a total better than all but three schools in America.

THE ASSIGNMENT: OSU Athletic Marketing wanted a poster design for OSU Cowboy Football that supported their new marketing campaign, “Live Orange” campaign, which was developed by Nike in the summer of 2010.

DESIGN OBSTACLES: I envisioned printing a double-sided poster that was raw, minimal and bold featuring black-and-white photos of Cowboy Football players just out of practice, sweaty, dirty and “living orange” with orange blood veins. The two sides could be posted together, encouraging more user interactivity and excitement. The first obstacle was getting approval from the director. I did this by mocking up my poster concept using famous NFL players. Athletic Marketing was excited about it. Shockingly I received pushback from the photographers despite having approval from both Athletic Marketing and the director of our department. Eventually, they jumped on board.

CREATIVE RESULT: After head coach, Mike Gundy sent us the list of players approved to be on the poster it was time to schedule the photoshoot. Before the shoot, I took all of the player’s equipment outside and rubbed it in the dirt and grass until they looked authentic. Each player had their photo taken with various poses holding various equipment so I would have many options to work with in post-production. Lastly, I added the veins.

Despite receiving a significate amount of resistance from my coworkers, I felt that my design decisions were validated when later that year the poster design won a bronze medal, third place nationally from the National Association of Collegiate Marketing Administrators.

Project in collaboration with OSU Marketing and OSU Athletic Marketing.