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On 04, Dec 2016 | In | By Matthew

The Web of Denial

What is an authority and who is a conformist? The Web of Denial is an insidious disinformation campaign meant to mislead the public about anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming, undermind experts in climate science, and line the pockets of the wealthiest people in the world. This piece attempts to explain how the Web of Denial works.

Style: During WWI, German banned all imports. “A different approach to art was being taken as a result of Germany’s isolation.” Born out of oppression, German Expressionism (1910s-30s) denies realism in exchange for distortion, dystopia, and surrealism. In this piece, I chose German Expressionism as a stylistic influence because like the Web of Denial, it trades realism for distortion.

Practical Effects: Practical effects are those that aren’t a digital preset. Instead, they use manual components to create a motion effect. For example, this pieces used water running past soil to create an erosive effect, it creates lines with watercolor and a hairdryer and making a sparkling night sky and shiny iceberg with salt and a desk lamp.

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: For this piece, I interviewed Riley E. Dunlap. Dr. Dunlap, Oklahoma State University, co-authored Climate Change and Society: Sociological Perspectives with Robert J. Brulle ####. In the summer of 2016, Dr. Dunlap was appointed to the new 15-member National Advisory Committee for the U.S. Sustained National Climate Assessment conducted by NOAA and the U.S. Global Change Research Program (####2). In July of 2016, 19 senators presented on this subject matter and referred to Dr. Dunlap’s work.

Here are a few of my References:

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