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On 05, May 2019 | In | By Matthew


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On 24, Apr 2018 | In | By Matthew

HERE-U Inclusive Hearing

Together with my cohort at NCSU, we theorized how machine learning could improve the conversational experience of a DHH (Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing) user. Through machine learning, the HERE-U system adapts microphones in hearing aids or cochlear implants to focus on what the user wants to hear. Our goal was to create a more natural conversation experience without requiring the user to monitor a device constantly.

Our work was referenced on page 20 of “Big Data. Big Design: Why Designers Should Care about AI” by Helen Armstrong Read more…


On 12, Mar 2018 | In | By Matthew


Artifacts for the Future 2068

Diyagno empowers users by letting them choose when and where their illnesses are diagnosed. Additionally, whether the user wants to be surrounded by family and friends in their home, next to a significant other on the beach, or by themselves in a fast-food parking lot, Diyagno allows users to control who is with them and how their diagnosis is delivered. See full poster here.

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On 08, Dec 2017 | In | By Matthew


How might design ideation be impelled by an undemanding task-based game that elicits mind-wandering in a virtual world that displays live fragments of the user’s ideation process?

This graduate project is speculative. It contemplates the creation of a game that prompts mind-wandering and incorporates ideation sketching.

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Embedding the Cancer PortEmbedding the Cancer PortEmbedding the Cancer PortEmbedding the Cancer PortEmbedding the Cancer Port

On 01, May 2017 | In | By Matthew

Embedding the Cancer Port

This graduate project was an exploration of semiotic and semantic analysis. It’s based off the poem “Embedding the Cancer Port” by Robert King.

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On 04, Dec 2016 | In | By Matthew

The Web of Denial

What is an authority and who is a conformist? The Web of Denial is an insidious disinformation campaign meant to mislead the public about anthropogenic (human-caused) global warming, undermind experts in climate science, and line the pockets of the wealthiest people in the world. This piece attempts to explain how the Web of Denial works.

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