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On 30, Nov 2023 | In | By Matthew


This poster moves when viewed through a smart device (augmented reality). I drew everything using Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects and coded with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. The poster imagines what it might look like to approach “Where The Wild Things Are,” an imaginary world filled with party animals enjoying a playful romp. A combination of the moon and island landscape reveals the face of Carol, the most recognizable Wild Thing. My artwork diverges from the visual style of the book “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak (1963). I animated everything to “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, the main theme from the 2009 film “Where The Wild Things Are” by Spike Jonze.

On 31, Dec 2022 | In | By Matthew

Showreel: One

Here are excerpts from my best motion work! It mixes academic research, client-based work, and a healthy amount of 2D humor.

On 05, May 2019 | In | By Matthew


Abstract: 38.4% of people in the U.S. will receive a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime. Those facing cancer are likely to experience cancer-related psychological distress. A warped sense of self and one’s circumstances is common as well as depression, anxiety, fear, and feeling discouraged. Depressed survivors are twice as likely to die prematurely. Suicide is twice as likely for cancer survivors. Additionally, cancer patients with high levels of distress have a 32% greater chance of dying. Mental activity affects behavior, and behavior can negatively influence physiological and molecular processes like cellular apoptosis, the cell’s rate of mutation, immunity, and growth speed.

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On 24, Apr 2018 | In | By Matthew

HERE-U Inclusive Hearing

Together with my cohort at NCSU, we theorized how machine learning could improve the conversational experience of a DHH (Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing) user. Through machine learning, the HERE-U system adapts microphones in hearing aids or cochlear implants to focus on what the user wants to hear. Our goal was to create a more natural conversation experience without requiring the user to monitor a device constantly.

Our work was referenced on page 20 of “Big Data. Big Design: Why Designers Should Care about AI” by Helen Armstrong Read more…


On 12, Mar 2018 | In | By Matthew


Artifacts for the Future 2068

Diyagno empowers users by letting them choose when and where their illnesses are diagnosed. Additionally, whether the user wants to be surrounded by family and friends in their home, next to a significant other on the beach, or by themselves in a fast-food parking lot, Diyagno allows users to control who is with them and how their diagnosis is delivered. See full poster here.

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On 08, Dec 2017 | In | By Matthew


How might design ideation be impelled by an undemanding task-based game that elicits mind-wandering in a virtual world that displays live fragments of the user’s ideation process?

This graduate project is speculative. It contemplates the creation of a game that prompts mind-wandering and incorporates ideation sketching.

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Beyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond Zen

On 29, Oct 2014 | In | By Matthew

Beyond Zen

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CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How does a designer quickly and accurately communicate the supporting and spiritual nature of a boutique studio that offers a variety of fitness options?

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KIS BrandedKIS BrandedKIS BrandedKIS Branded

On 29, Oct 2013 | In | By Matthew

KIS Branded

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KIS Branded Specialties keeps the world of promotional marketing products simple. They research the industry, explore potential products and deliver recommendations.