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Featured Projects

By Matthew Lemmond

On 23, Feb 2022 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Little Bees

I named the company and created their hand lettering style logo. I occasionally write and photograph for some of their publications.

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By Matthew Lemmond

On 01, Aug 2018 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

First Citizens Bank Social Media Campaign

I designed a video series for First Citizens Bank they could use on social media and in their lobbies.

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By Matthew Lemmond

On 04, Feb 2014 | In | By Matthew Lemmond


CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How does a designer retain elements of a client’s much-loved design when it contains flaws and technical problems? What’s necessary to create an engaging branding system when an organization’s culture has an emotional attachment to something that’s not working?

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Valholla MeadeValholla MeadeValholla Meade

By Matthew Lemmond

On 29, Oct 2010 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Valholla Meade

Only royals would drink from the horn in life, but in Valhalla, only slain Viking warriors drink from the horn! Mead is an ancient, honey-based, alcoholic beverage with many historical connections, the most notable being with the Norse (Vikings). A classic wine glass appears by looking in the negative space between the two horns, connecting an ancient drink reserved for the best and its modern equivalent, Valholla Meade. Some might even see the horns as the bow of a longboat quickly approaching!

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Afinia DentalAfinia DentalAfinia DentalAfinia DentalAfinia Dental

On 07, Feb 2015 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Afinia Dental

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: When a logotype is crowded with an unnatural color and has an unsightly gap as the focal point, that image clashes with the desired brand for a dental practice with multiple sites. How can a designer transition an established and familiar community brand to something more appealing to customers?

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A&S HonorsA&S Honors

By Matthew Lemmond

On 05, Aug 2016 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

A&S Honors

Brief: The A&S Honors website is a fully responsive website that I coded from the group up. This website is especially unique because I based the menu design off the article by Josh Clark entitled How We Hold Our Gadgets. This research makes a compelling argument to drop the obligatory “hamburger” menu we see everywhere in interactive design for a bottom-anchored menu that is much more ergonomically friendly.

Grass Roots MediaGrass Roots MediaGrass Roots Media

By Matthew Lemmond

On 29, Oct 2015 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Grass Roots Media

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How can a small, media production company have an effective website to promote its services without staff spending time on their website that they would spend working for clients?

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Notre Dame Kellogg InstituteNotre Dame Kellogg InstituteNotre Dame Kellogg InstituteNotre Dame Kellogg Institute

By Matthew Lemmond

On 01, Jan 2015 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Notre Dame Kellogg Institute

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: An academic institute wanted its annual report, previously an oversized 10-by-16-inches in print with more than 100 pages, to work both in print and online.

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Beyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond ZenBeyond Zen

By Matthew Lemmond

On 29, Oct 2014 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

Beyond Zen

CREATIVE CHALLENGE: How does a designer quickly and accurately communicate the supporting and spiritual nature of a boutique studio that offers a variety of fitness options?

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KIS BrandedKIS BrandedKIS BrandedKIS Branded

By Matthew Lemmond

On 29, Oct 2013 | In | By Matthew Lemmond

KIS Branded

KIS Branded Specialties keeps the world of promotional marketing products simple. They research the industry, explore potential products and deliver recommendations.