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Mograph + Animation + Practical Effects

Here is a collection of the best student work in a special project I call 'Fantasia.' Like the original Disney animation, students visualize instrumental music with non-objective art. Students were encouraged to film and include “Practical Effects” like smoke, sand, water, etc.

Systems & Behaviors

Fall 2022 @TU

Open-Ended Question: How can a designer communicate a musician’s originally intended meaning via the interaction of non-objective, system-based graphics that are precisely set in motion to individual sounds within a non-lyrical, animated music video?


Fall 2021 @TU

Open-Ended Question: How can non-objective motion graphics communicate the meaning of instrumental music? How can non-objective motion graphics perfectly match individual sounds in instrumental music?

Special Guest: Lead singer of the Oklahoma band Colourmusic, Ryan Hendrix, spoke to students about the meaning of his instrumental music.