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Student Hand-Lettering + Typography

Physical + Digital

Open-Ended Question: How can a designer communicate the [intended meaning] of a [quote] using hand-lettering and movement?

Spring 2021 @KSU

Cognitive Theories with Type

Spring 2017 @OSU

This assignment asked students to research two different cognitive theories and enact them with a typographic poster. Students were directed to watch three segments of the National Geographic show “Brain Games” and take notes.

Visual Semantics with Type

Spring 2017 @OSU

In this assignment, students explore the power of visual semantics by altering or manipulating type.

Type as Signifier

Spring 2017 @OSU

Type as Signifier: Visual semantics deals with the use and manipulation of words (letters) to illustrate an idea, an action, or evoke some particular pictorial image. This involves the treatment and arrangement of letters in such a way as to make a word visually self-explanatory. – Paul Rand: A Designer’s Art