Welcome to Matthew Lemmond's portfolio of academic and professional design research.

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Little Bees

Awarded + Naming + Branding + 3D + Figma

I named the company and created its hand-lettered logo, which was featured in Logo Lounge's latest edition, book 14. I also designed almost everything you see their brand on, from animations to bottles. I even built an educational presentation in Figma, which is so much cooler than PowerPoint or Google Slides.

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AR + Animation + HTML + CSS + JS

This poster moves when viewed through a smart device (augmented reality). I drew everything using Procreate, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects and coded with the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages. The poster imagines what it might look like to approach “Where The Wild Things Are,” an imaginary world filled with party animals enjoying a playful romp. A combination of the moon and island landscape reveals the face of Carol, the most recognizable Wild Thing. My artwork diverges from the visual style of the book “Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak (1963). I animated everything to “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire, the main theme from the 2009 film “Where The Wild Things Are” by Spike Jonze.

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VR + Unity + 3D

Virtual reality, a highly visual art form, is used worldwide as medicine. Right now, doctors are ordering things like, 'Play this VR experience and call me in the morning.' Surprisingly, few are researching this healthcare intervention from an artistic perspective.

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The Web of Denial

Animation + Motion Design

Interdisciplinary Collaboration: For this piece, I interviewed Riley E. Dunlap. Dr. Dunlap, Oklahoma State University, co-authored Climate Change and Society: Sociological Perspectives. In the summer of 2016, Dr. Dunlap was appointed to the new 15-member National Advisory Committee for the U.S. Sustained National Climate Assessment conducted by NOAA and the U.S. Global Change Research Program. In July of 2016, 19 senators presented on this subject matter and referred to Dr. Dunlap’s work.

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HERE-U Inclusive Hearing

Wearable + Machine Learning + IBM

Together with my cohort at NCSU, we theorized how machine learning could improve the conversational experience of a DHH (Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing) user. Through machine learning, the HERE-U system adapts microphones in hearing aids or cochlear implants to focus on what the user wants to hear. Our goal was to create a more natural conversation experience without requiring the user to monitor a device constantly.

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Interactive Concept + 2D + 3D + Unity

This graduate project is speculative. It contemplates the creation of a game that prompts mind-wandering and incorporates ideation sketching.

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All The Logos

Branding + Illustration

I love logo design. Here is a collection of my best logo designs from 2007 until now.

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All the Websites

HTML + CSS + JS + Wordpress

Here are excerpts from my best interaction design work!

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All The Mograph

Animation + Motion Graphics + Film + 3D + 2D + Frame-by-Frame

Here are excerpts from my best motion work! It mixes academic research, client-based work, and a healthy amount of 2D humor.

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All The Print

Awarded + Posters + Brochures + Books

Here are excerpts from my best print design work!

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First Citizens Bank

Animation + Social Media Campaign

I designed a video series for First Citizens Bank they could use on social media and in their lobbies.

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Embedding the Cancer Port

Expressive Typography

This graduate project was an exploration of semiotic and semantic analysis. It’s based off the poem “Embedding the Cancer Port” by Robert King.